I am a communitarian Blue Labour Christian socialist. My political ideal: the organised working class in alliance with the monarchy and aristocratic High Tories against the disgusting Whiggery, gradgrindery and heathenism of the curtain-twitching liberal middle-classes. I am an Anglo-Catholic in religion. My ideal is the Socialist Commonwealth presided over by a Patriot Queen and spiritually underpinned by a resurgent Church Militant. The realities of my pragmatic real-life politics are much more less romantic, however (Labour Old Right, basically).

My heroes:
– Ernie Bevin
– Benjamin Disraeli
– R.H. Tawney
– T.E. Lawrence
– Charles Gore
– Charles Lowder
– Richard Oastler
– George Orwell
– Dr Johnson
– Michael Foot
– Charles, King and Martyr
– Barbara Castle
– William Laud
– Clement Attlee
– King Alfred the Great

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